Can You Draw All the Pokemon? CD TGCS-385 Pikachu Kakerukana OBI


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 Can You Draw All the Pokemon? CD TGCS-385

WITH OBI and original bag that has a sticker on it.

Track Listing

1. Can You Draw All the Pokémon? (ポケモンかけるかな? Pokémon Kakerukana)
2. Yes, It Is Morning! (はい あさですよ! Hai Asa Desu Yo!)
3. Flexible Gas Gas (ぐにゃぐにゃガスガス GUNYA-GUNYA GAS GAS)
4. Oh Electrode (ああ マルマイン Aa Marumain)
5. Crayon de Pokémon (クレヨン デ ポケモン Crayon de Pokémon)

Model Number TGCS-385

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